I love learning new hacks, like little tips and tricks that will make life that much better. There is just something about finding that fun little trick that you can share with your friends and blow their little minds.

Or is it my little mind that's always the one that ends up being blown? Yep, it's me, and it happened very recently.

About 6 months ago, I purchased a new, or new to me car and thought I had figured out every single bell and whistle that my fancy little girl had to offer. Oh, boy, was I wrong because I happened to stumble upon this super cool feature on the radio recently.

What feature would that be?

My car radio has a LIVE button. What does this button offer?

Apparently, when you're listening to the radio in LIVE button, you have the option to rewind. So, if you're listening and hear an advertisement for something but didn't happen to catch all the information, you can just hit rewind. Or, if you're like me, you have the option to rewind it and listen to yourself again.

Does your radio have a rewind feature?

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