I ran into Hannaford for a quick minute the other day to grab a few things for dinner. I needed some basic household stuff. Almond milk, bread, dog food, toilet paper, paper plates, etc., and stuff for fried pickles.

My husband Stephen has been on a wicked fried pickle kick and orders them every time we go out to eat. So, I figured id try to make them at home for him as a special treat. While in the pickle aisle, I noticed what seemed to be a 3 pack of 5-hour energy shots and thought it was a strange place to have 5-hour energy. After taking a closer look at the package, I realized what I thought was an energy shot was not. It was actually a 3 pack of kosher dill pickle brine in shot form.


Now I'm all about pickles, but drinking the juice straight? Do people really buy pickle juice without the pickles? Ummm, no, thank you. I got a bit curious, so I did a little research, and apparently, there are some health benefits to drinking straight pickle juice.

Pickle Juice Helps With

  • muscle cramps
  • keeping you hydrated
  • controlling blood sugar levels
  • gut health

Who knew? Not me, that's for sure, and I think I'm still gonna pass on the straight shots of pickle juice.



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