With the new season of American Idol, I went through my cds in my case and found this gem!

Remember Justin Guarini? Nikki McKibbin?

Do you remember the name of Ryan Seacrest's co-host? I DO!

I couldn't help it. I had to put it in the cd player! American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson singing Aretha Franklin and, of course, her first single 'A Moment Like This' brought me back to 2002. YES 2002!

Has it really been 12 years?

One of my favorites, Justin Guarini's cover of 'Get Here'...I LOVE it!

And the little known Ejay Day with 'I'll Be'...I still remember his high pitched voice. His voice is an amazing instrument! He was the first to be voted off.

Anyway, I hope you remember Ryan's co-host, Brian Dunkleman!