We've all had bad days. You leave the office in dumpster-fire mode, and take the aggression out on the roads. On these days, doesn't it always seem you get in the wrong lane? Yeah, frustration builds, and you find yourself blurting out words you've never spoken to another human being's face. Most of us stop there, understanding the road rage charges that would follow further escalation. Not 29 year old Daniel Harris.

If you were on 295 yesterday between Freeport and Brunswick, you might have encountered a man running from police while swerving through traffic. Bonus crazy points for hanging outside of the car and flipping his middle finger to all traffic. According to Central Maine.com,  Chief Deputy Naldo Gagnon said Harris did not try to elude Stewart, but “merely continued to drive while causing quite the scene for evening commuter traffic, as the deputy followed with lights and siren on.” He told the deputy that he was having a bad day and apologized,” Gagnon said.

Harris was charged with driving to endanger, and failure to stop for a police officer. He was also issued a citation for not wearing a seat belt. "Click it or ticket" indeed!


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