The Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers have offered a reward of $10,000 for anyone with information that leads to the arrest in I-81 murder of Timothy Davison, 28, of Poland, ME. Pennsylvania State Police say that if you have any information about the Jan. 4 shooting, you should call 1-800-4PA-TIPS.

Below is previous story published Jan. 7

Police in Pennsylvania announced today that they are forming a multi-unit task force. They hope to identify and find whoever killed killed Timothy Davison, 28, of Poland, ME in an alleged road rage incident. Davison was gunned down along Interstate 81 in Franklin County, PA, Jan 4.

Pennsylvania authorities say Davison called 911 while driving northbound on I-81. He told dispatchers that a Ford Ranger-style vehicle had been following him and firing a weapon.

The multi-unit task force will be made up of troopers from Pennsylvania and Maryland, other local officers and the FBI. There are two incidences of road rage being investigated. One is the Davison killing. The second occurred within eight hours and 30 miles of the other, just north of the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line. Police are not completely sure whether the incidents are connected.

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