While I was away on vacation Dyer from the Morning Buzz thought it was ‘funny’ to make my football picks. Ha-ha-larious, NOT. There must be something in her DNA that makes her want to take advantage of people when their backs are turned.

She’s like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. I bet every time she sees that Lucy thing or even thinks about it she laughs, laughs, laughs. Most of us feel sorry for Charlie Brown, not Dyer, Lucy is her hero.

Every time I go on vacation she has something up her sleeve. Even when she’s on vacation she has to pull some kind of prank. Last time she was headed to New York she did a live Facebook video telling people to call on the B-line with a birthday even if they didn’t have one. Just call and overwhelm McCoy with birthdays. It will be soooooo funny. NOT! Well nobody fell for that one.

By the way, I was 8-6 this week, not great but better than if her picks would have gone through. I would have been 4-10. Good thing I noticed her 'joke'. Sick woman!

She must have a missing slice of pizza from the whole pie. It’s obvious I can’t turn my back for a second and certainly I would never try to kick a football while she is holding it.



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