Teenage girl cat burglars... Interested yet? That's the set up of 'The Bling Ring,' Sofia Coppola's latest film (which is based on a true story) about a group of girls who decided to rip off celebrities when they know they're not home. Now there's a new clip that features 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson pole dancing.

Though it may be hard not to compare the film superficially to Harmony Korine's 'Spring Breakers,' it seems unlikely that the two would be after the same sort of morality play. Lost girls have been one of the reoccurring elements of Sofia Coppola's work since 'The Virgin Suicides,' and this could be in line with her earlier films, though it's possible that she's trying to do something slightly more commercial than her last picture 'Somewhere.'

We shall see, as it's intended to be one of the summer's more interesting acts of counter-programming, but with Emma Watson's presence perhaps they're hoping for a crossover hit as the film will be pimped during this weekend's MTV Movie awards. Taissa Farmiga ('American Horror Story'), Israel Broussard ('Flipped'), Katie Chang, Claire Julien, and Leslie Mann also co-star in the film, and from all word Emma Watson has a supporting part in the movie, though she is the biggest name in the cast. 'The Bling Ring' opens in limited release on June 14th. Here's that clip:


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