Russell Crowe goes from Christian allegory in 'Man of Steel' to the actual Bible days in Paramount's first 'Noah' trailer. The footage made the rounds at religious conferences, but now it has debuted online for all to see.

Darren Aronofsky ('Black Swan,' 'The Wrestler') directed and co-wrote the screenplay for 'Noah,' which features the star-studded ensemble of Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ray Winstone.

Said to be closely adapted from the well-known Bible story, 'Noah' centers on the title character as he receives a vision of "death by water," which then sets him on a divine mission to build an ark and to fill it with two of every species before God cleanses the planet of sin (i.e. destroys everything). This is not your Sunday School retelling, kids. Crowe, who recently played Superman's biological father in 'Man of Steel,' will depict Noah as more of a warrior living in a world marked by violence and savagery.

We just hope this will end up being the same film Aronofsky set out to make. Recently, the director was said to be disputing with Paramount Studios over which version of the film will be released in theaters, which makes us hope the studio don't make executive decisions that end up watering down the story or making it too much of a blockbuster-y spectacle. If anything, though, the 'Noah' trailer reveals an intricate and visually astounding world to come for moviegoers.

While we await the film's March 28, 2014 release, get your first look at Crowe in the 'Noah' trailer above. [UPDATE] Paramount has also released a different cut for the UK crowd, which, if you ask us, looks better than the US version.

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