Summer means getting out there on the trail, either walking, hiking, on a 4x4, or a mountain bike.

If you've thought about adding more mountain biking into your outdoor adventures it helps to be prepared, skill wise, to truly get the most out of trail riding. Mountain biking presents several challenges that you aren't usually presented with when biking around the neighborhood or on the road.

So if you would like to improve skill wise the Mid-Coast Conservancy is offering a mountain bike skills course that will be broken down into three parts.

Starting on July 24th, the first part is called "Basics of Mountain Biking" and just like it sounds, this will set you straight as far as the basics are concerned, best riding positions, proper braking techniques, climbing & descending. This a great for the beginner or someone who has experience and just wants to brush up on the fundamentals.

Next part titled "Trail Preparedness" takes place on August 21st. This part in the series will focus on everything you need to know to be safe out on the trail such a safety gear and equipment, dealing with and changing a flat tire, reading and using digital maps, and will cover all the gear and equipment you will need out on the trail.

Finally, the last part in this series takes place on September 18th and is called "Progression". This is a workshop that will focus on stepping up your mountain bike skill set. Topics covered will include proper cornering, dealing with speed, making drops, and wheelies. This ride will also take you to some hidden treasures at the Hidden Valley Nature Center that will help each rider "level up"

Each of these classes will run from 2pm-4pm, as a cost of $10 per class and that includes a bike rental if you need one. You can take one or all three classes. You do need to register, and you can do that by CLICKING HERE.

Get out there an have some fun this summer!

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