The FCC has issued a warning about a phone scam that is sweeping across the country, and it all starts with just one ring on your phone. The scammer is banking that you will call back.

You may notice that recently, your phone may ring once and then stop. If that happens to you, and you do not recognize the number, do not return the call. You may be the target of a "one-ring" phone scam.

One-ring calls may appear to be from phone numbers somewhere in the United States, including three initial digits that resemble U.S. area codes. But savvy scammers often use international numbers from regions that also begin with three-digit codes – for example, "649" goes to the Turks and Caicos and "809" goes to the Dominican Republic. Scammers often use spoofing techniques, as well, to further mask the number in your caller ID display.

CLICK HERE to read the full alert from the FCC. You can also file a complaint with the FCC if you believe you are being targeted for such illegal activity.

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