When you walk in to the Feed It Forward grocery store in Toronto, you may notice something interesting about the store, there are no price tags anywhere. The food comes from food terminals, farms, restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and bakeries. None of it is expired or rotten, companies are getting rid of it for reasons such as the produce being naturally bruised or misshapen, or there's too much to store in warehouses. Jagger Gordon, the creator of Feet it Forward says "there's nothing wrong with the food they serve some stores just mandate that the food can't sit longer for four or six months on the shelf. For example, we have pet food here that's still six months away from the optimal freshness date."

Customers have options on how much they can take, they either get a days worth of food for the family, or they can sign up to get a box of food and recipe's delivered to them on a Bi-Weekly basis. According to their websiteFeed the Future mission is to address the food waste and hunger crisis in our city, starting with you.

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