If you notice more vehicles than usual making their way from the Midcoast to Augusta this morning complete with signs, there’s a reason for this rally. It started at 8:00 am at the Augusta civic center the Maine Midcoast Fisherman’s Association is requesting everyone’s support to stop the development of wind turbines off the coast of Maine.

Amy Brazier

Wind turbines are nothing new in Maine. In fact you can see several on Vinalhaven. They are visible from the mainland and while they are clean energy, do nothing for the view. Now, Governor Mills wants to place these turbines in the Gulf of Maine. The fishermen know this will be detrimental to the marine life and in turn be detrimental to their livelihood.

These turbines can be as tall as 400 feet. They are floating structures designed to harvest the winds well off the coast. Even though they will be several miles out to sea, fishermen believe it will affect the fishing grounds. The turbines need cables to deliver the electricity to the mainland and these cables will prevent ground fishing where they are placed.

Amy Brazier

Your local fishermen are asking for your support. You don’t have to be a fisherman to show up to the rally. They are taking a stand to protect the livelihood of everyone who has a role in this industry as old as the state of Maine.

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