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Hostess filed for bankruptcy in January 2012 and this past November they shut down all of their operations. Including the Biddeford plant which employed 400 people. There is potential good news for those workers, Flowers Foods Inc., a Georgia based company, placed a bid of $360 million for five of Hostess' bread brands, including Wonder and Nature's Pride. The bid also included 38 warehouses and 20 bakeries.That includes the bakery in Bidderford. Flowers Food spokesman, Keith Hancock, told the Bangor Daily News, 'that it is still too early in the process for Flowers to comment on what plans,if any, the company would have for Hostess' former bakery in Biddeford.

The next step comes on March 19, when a judge will evaluate their bid, as well as other bids for the cakes brands, which Flowers Foods didn't bid on. Any objections that have come in will be evaluated. If the bankruptcy judge approves the deal it will still be subject to federal regulatory review, with a finalized deal likely still several months away.

Flowers Food Inc, acquired Auburn-based LePage Bakeries in July 2012.