Our latest Food Adventure takes us to downtown Augusta where Kristi & I landed at one of the most recommended spots to indulge in the area....Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am on a constant quest for the best pizza in the state Kristi assured me that she throughly enjoys Cushnocs BBQ chicken pie, which they make extra special for her as she does not do diary.

I was very impressed with their speciality pies and one in particular stood out to me that was a seasonal offering... the fiddlehead pizza.

We both opted for a grapefruit cocktail special, although the beers on tap looked marvelous. They also have several different can 4-packs that you can get to go if you decide to go for take-out.

Once the pies arrived they both looked and smelled amazing! They pretty much go with a one size 12" that is more than enough to share and Kristi and I both have leftovers to take home.

The pizzas were both cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of browning on the crust. One of my personal peeves about wood fired pizzas is the "char factor" a little for color is fine but too much charing and that is all you end up tasting. This simply was not an issue at Cushnoc. These pies were cooked spot on!

We opted to pass on dessert due to being stuffed but they did offer some tempting delights which we may make room for next time.

All in all this Food Adventure was great! From the view at our table, to the cocktails, to the pizzas, everything was great and I would recommend anyone who hasn't stopped by to certainly put Cushnocs on your "too do" list.

Cushnoc Brewing Co is also very active in the community and that simply adds to the charm they already have going for them.

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