For those of you unaware, I am from San Diego California, home to near perfect weather, ridiculous gas prices, and horrible sports teams. Yes, the Padres and Chargers are bad, but, they were my teams, I rooted for them, I yelled at the tv, I had the jerseys, I defended them, and the for the Padres, I still do that, but the Chargers? They betrayed me. They moved, and it wasn't like they moved across the country, they moved up the street, to Los Angeles, and I was honestly devastated, I lost my team, the team I loved for 24 years.

But now, I'm kind of happy they're gone. Now I can watch football and cheer for any team I want. No loyalties (except for my hatred of the Raiders) I can just be a fan of any team and player (except for Eli Manning) that I want. Currently, the closest thing I have to a team is the Vikings, because my dad is from Minnesota and that is the closest connection I have.

Now I can cheer for whoever I want because I have no loyalties. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


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