There is no question 2020 has been one of those years like no other. Despite all the things we can complain about this year, I'd prefer to spend some time highlighting some of the things we can be thankful for and the actions of others we can be humbled by.

Take for example Noah Ames, Noah is a hard working lobsterman from Matinicus Island off the coast of Rockland. Now for the past few years Noah has spearheaded something very special. You see Noah and his family around Christmas time give away free lobsters for families in questions asked. The same goes for military personal. He even invites people to come pick-up for those that may not be able to pick up for themselves. It's truly inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, Noah's generous offering often inspires others to help too, sometimes it's other lobsterman that will donate more lobster to the cause. Or even stores like Hannafords who will donate gift cards. The last few years Noah and the other lobsterman who have donated have given away over 400 pounds of lobster in a little over two hours each year!

Noah has just announced on his Facebook that he is doing it again this year,

"The family and I will be giving away lobsters again this year for families in need. Please feel free to stop by and get a meal or pick some up for someone you know that is in need. We will be at Midcoast Marine rt 1 in Thomaston on December 24th starting around noon. All are welcome no questions asked, military personnel and families thank you and please come get some lobsters. This has been a trying year for most so let's spread some happiness. Merry Christmas"

It goes to show not everything is lost this year. There is still hope. And how humbling to know there are people like Noah and his family that not only shed positive light on a trying year like 2020 but also inspire others to do the same.

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