Every two seconds, someone's identity is stolen. But there are ways and steps to protect yourself. If you have old documents or boxes of papers laying around that have your personal information such as social security numbers, drivers licence numbers, etc,  the best and safest way to dispose of these documents is by shredding them.

This Saturday, April 29, The Kennebec County Sheriff's Department will be offering a free shredding event from 10 AM-2 PM at their offices at 125 State Street in Augusta. There is no quantity limit.

Shredding is limited to boxes or bags of personal or household documents. Bring all sensitive paperwork that includes account numbers, birth dates, passwords, PINs, signatures and Social Security and/or driver’s license numbers. (Please note: No need to remove staples or paperclips, but the following will not be accepted at this event: electronics, plastic of any kind, binder clips or plastic binders.) Your documents will be shredded on-site, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken an important step in the fight against identity theft and fraud.

If you have any questions, you can contact Jane at 1-866-554-5380 or email me@aarp.org

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