It is one of my favorite seasons finally. While I do enjoy the holiday season we are in, that is not the season I’m talking about. Scallop season is officially open and I can get fresh scallops from my local fish monger, Delano's Seadfood right down the road.

It’s always interesting when I talk with family and friends out of state when we discuss seafood. They want to know all about lobsters. The price per pound, hard shell of soft shell, they know all the lingo. They are always intrigues if I’ve had any lately, do I get it all of the time, etc.

Officially, I am a lover of most seafoods but if I really had to choose my favorite it would be Maine scallops. Mmmm. Now don't get it twisted. Not all scallops are the same. You make notice bay scallops around quite often (mostly frozen & from outside the USA) not that they won't work in a pinch but they just don't have the taste of a true sea or day boat scallop. It's true. Just ask Gordon Ramsey next time he is in Maine.

OK. Here is a little primer. You have day boat or "diver" scallops. dive for scallops these are more labor intensive and are often priced a little bit higher for the extra handling. There is also "dragging" for scallops that uses, a drag that digs the scallops up from the ocean bed. These still taste amazing and they drag anywhere from Georges Bank out in Massachusetts, to right up here in Penobscot Bay. The Maine season opened for draging December 7, 2020.  You may have noticed your Facebook feed get bombarded with fresh scallops. Indulge, and by the way, they freeze extremely well. I have even had some that were frozen for 10 years...and still were wonderful!

If you have never had scallops before, they are a very mild and very rich tasting seafood. You can eat them raw, pan sear them, wrap them in bacon, or of course fry them. The options are endless and all delicious and good for you.

So take this opportunity to support your local fisherman. Buy fresh Maine scallops. And enjoy!


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