Frontier airlines flies from cities like Atlanta, New York, Orlando, Seattle, St Louis and others and now has added an extra fee to their flights. Up until now using the overhead bin for carry-on luggage was free, now it could cost as much as $50 to use the carry-on luggage holder.

Frequent flyers will pay a $20; everyone else can get a $25 fee if you pay during ticket purchase. The fee goes up to $35 if pay during check in at the airport and $50 if wait until you get to the gate. This is on top of the $15 to $75 for checked bags. Passengers with connecting flights will have to pay the fees twice.

Frontier is adding other fees as well like $3 to $8 for reserving a seat, 5$ to $15 more if you want a seat in the first half of the plane, and $15 to $50 more if you want more leg room or an exit row seat. The company says it is a move to make the airline an ‘ultra-low cost’ airline.

Frontier is not the only airline to tack on fees, but may the only one for now to charge for the carry-on luggage, 15 of the largest airline said baggage fees raked in big bucks for the airlines. If the Frontier charges aren’t rejected by passengers, there is a good chance more airlines could follow suit.

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