Have you ever thought about visiting one of America's beautiful National Parks? Maybe you've never done it because of the drive of the cost of admission. Well, coming up this weekend, one of those things will be waived for all visitors. Sadly, we can't waive the miles you'll need to drive, but admission will be non-existent this Saturday.

There are several days in 2023 when the entrance fees at National Parks across the country are being waived.  According to the National Park Service website, on April 22nd,  in honor of National Park Week, the fees at Acadia National Park will be waived.  The will allow  residents of the great state of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and beyond access to some of the most picturesque beauty the USA has to offer.

Of course April 22nd, and the other free entrance days, are not limited to just Acadia National Park.  This deal is good at most, if not all, national parks.

Sure, the drive to Bar Harbor's Mount Desert Island might be a bit lengthy depending on where you're coming from, but we certainly think it's worth it. Especially when you're getting in for free.

In addition to April 22nd's free entry, there are other days throughout the year where entry into National Parks will be free. They are August 4, September 23rd, and November 11th, which is Veterans Day.

Explore the Ruins of a Historic Mansion in Acadia National Park

George B. Dorr spent much of his life creating, expanding and caring for Acadia National Park. That's why he's often referred to as the father of Acadia National Park. According to the National Park Service, the property known as the "Old Farm" was accepted by the park in 1941. On the property is the ruins of what was a 30-room summer "cottage," the remnants of a saltwater pool, and a small beach. It's just an easy walk through the woods away.

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