It's sometimes difficult to keep up with our current political climate due to simply feeling uniformed with the 'goings-on', as well as not seeing through the political tensions always raising between parties.

I have always wanted someone to explain to me what the heck is going on in our government in a way that I can understand it.

I loved government in high school because my then teacher made it easy to understand. However, because she's no longer a teacher of mine I have a limited understanding on what is currently happening with our laws and new legislation.

I believe that talking about this is so important, especially for our next generation to understand who is doing what and what exactly they are doing. We have to be involved so I am going to help myself to learn and as I do that, I will share it all with those who also don't follow politics due to confusion.

Our Governor is Janet Mills. The Governor is elected every 4 years by us, the citizens.

According to the National Governors Association, her job is to oversee the executive branch. So of course I had to look up what that branch of that tree is and the executive branch is responsible for the execution of laws created by law makers, according to 

So, as far as I understand, Mills makes sure that the folks responsible for making laws do a good job.


Ronda Darby via Unsplash
Ronda Darby via Unsplash

It has been projected by the Revenue Forecasting Committee that Maine will take in $822 million dollars more during 2022/2023 than originally projected, according to MPR. Which means, we've got a lot of money and we are all hoping it's spent wisely.

As we've all noticed, gas prices are at an all time high, assuming that it will even go up to $5 per gallon. That is wild and to me, unforgivable, however it's happening.
Mills is planning a proposal and some of the options projected are to reduce gas prices, cut income taxes and reduce Maine's sales tax which is currently at 5.5%.
One of her suggestions is also to send direct payments to taxpayers similar to the $285.00 checks that, according to Maine Public, went to more than 500,000 working Mainers over the last two months.
The same website says that she hasn't come out with an official statement on the plan but says she,
 “would like to examine ways we can use this additional revenue to provide direct financial relief”
Mills, Janet Gov.
I am curious to see when this will be enforced and how much of a reduction we will see within our sales tax, tax cuts and the decreasing of gas prices.
It's always important to get involved in what your state is up to. We all, have every right to know what is up. Remember, our elected officials are just that, elected, by us, which means they work for us and our beautiful state to make sure we are being treated fairly in every aspect.

You can get involved too. The most convenient and understandable website for me was  the Maine State Gov't Kid's Page.

Educate yourself, inform yourself and then run for President and mandate ice cream fountains in all town squares. Anything can happen, it's America, land of the free, home of the brave and Maine is the way life should be.

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