On a team full of stand-out athletes, Gronk REALLY stood out during his time with the Patriots.

Not only was he an amazing tight end, and often Brady's go-to guy, his off the field antics were always fun to watch.  The post-game interviews, the charity appearances, the Halloween costumes, the TV commercials.

Yes, commercials!  Rob Gronkowski has been in a fair number of great commercials over the years.  Recently, he was in a cellphone commercial with his pal Tom Brady.

But, probably one of the most memorable commercials he ever did was the Tide Pod commercial from a few years ago...

Well, it looks like he is at it again.

According to News Center Maine, Gronk is going to take part in a LIVE commercial during the upcoming Super Bowl 57.

In the commercial, which is for FanDuel, he'll attempt to make a field goal.  They are calling the commercial "The Kick of Destiny" and there's $10 million on the line!  Seriously!  Anyone who places a Super Bowl bet of $5 or more on FanDuel will win a share of $10 million in free bets if Gronkowski makes the field goal.

When asked about the commercial, Gronk said:

Obviously, I can catch a football. ... Why not try to kick a field goal? And on top of it, I was punt, pass and kick champion in the western New York region when I was growing up, as well. So I love kicking field goals. I used to practice all the time. This is an opportunity to help my fans out there to win $10 million in free bets, which is mind-blowing.

Get more details HERE

Check out the commercial previewing the LIVE commercial.

Catch Super Bowl 57 on FOX on Sunday, February 12th, 2023.

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