Picture this, new neighbors move in and your significant other convinces you to go over and say hello. You bring your famous casserole, knock on the door, and when they open it, IT'S THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF SUSSEX. Meghan and Harry are your new next door neighbors. What are you going to do? Here's what you're gonna do.

To avoid the awkward conversation, you might want to invite them to dinner. Sure, you could give them the quintessential Maine experience and take them somewhere by the water for lobsters (since they no longer have to live with that pesky Royal Family shellfish ban) and Allen's Coffee Brandy.

But they are brand new Americans, you need to give them the All-American experience, so....

Take them to these iconic restaurants

McDonalds21 different locations in Central Maine alone! Do not let them miss out on the iconic Maine Cuisine.

If they're not into burgers, Pizza Hut has 12 locations around Maine.

And come on, you don't come to Maine without grabbing Dunkin'

But obviously the place to take them for food is for Chinese. Whenever anyone hears Maine, they automatically think of our incredible Chinese Cuisine.

If they aren't hungry, take them out for fun:

Take them to the moviesWhat would make the royal family more comfortable than joining you in a dark room watching a movie while the high school kid next to you awkwardly tries to make out on a first date.

Mount Katahdin Royalty LOVES hills. Take them to this fantastic hill, climb up it, stare out at the stuff you can see, then force them to walk back down. New friends love when people they just met make them exercise.

If you're feeling outdoorsy go apple picking. Nothing says, this is a great couples date, like picking apples in an open field while you're being attacked by bugs when you could just as easily gotten this fruit at Hannaford...

Now, you can do any of these things, but we all know the one thing the Royals would love to do, skydiving. Nothing would put them more at ease than a new neighbor taking them to jump out of a perfectly functional airplane with a bed sheet to catch them.

There you have it. If Meghan and Harry move in next door. You have your whole day planned out. You're welcome.

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