Seeing this list...WOW! There are so many places I've never seen!

According to Maine Today, they have a list of the 25 of Maine's Most Beautiful Places. I have been to a few...but this year, I want Chad and our family to experience time together in the Maine outdoors!

Nothing better than family time! And I'm starting to think...SUMMER!

Some of the places that made the list that I have already been to include:

Coos Canyon in Byron. Chad took us there last year and we saw all the kids jumping in the water.

Baxter State Park. I have only been to the rock at the entrance...that's it.

Mt. Battie in Camden. I even went up the tower!

Mt. Meguntacook in Camden. I have climbed it about 30 times!

Popham Beach State Park. I was there the day before Hurricane Bob hit. The waves were huge and the next day I came down with Mono! Not a great Summer...

Of the list of 25 I have seen ONLY FIVE! I can't believe some of the most well known lighthouses I have never been to. We have a lot of traveling to do!

How many can you check off the list? Which is YOUR favorite place to go!