I don’t know why you would want to do this but if you ever do, here are some ways to make a Mainer mad.

Refer to it as ‘their lake house:’ It’s a camp (not a lake house). When we go there, we’re going ‘upta camp.’

Be on a construction crew when spring comes: It’s not that we hate the construction crews, it’s the fact that it takes so long to repair what winter did to us.

Ask us if we're constantly crashing into moose: Something that does happen but not everyone. I know people who have lived their whole life in Maine and never have hit a moose.

Act like we're all uneducated people from the back woods: Both public and private universities call Maine home. And they churn out some of the best in the country.

Be from Massachusetts and drive a car: It doesn't matter if you're driving perfectly, we'll probably still find a flaw.

Act like it's always cold in Maine: When it's not cold, it's beautiful. And we do summer exceptionally well.


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