A mom in South Paris, Maine is extremely grateful for her quick thinking daughter.

According to WGME, Melissa Record, who was expecting twins in May, was going about her day when she started feeling ill.  She knew something was not right.

Then, it hit her!  She realized the babies were coming two months early.

In distress, she called on her other children to help.  Braelynn, her eldest daughter, remained calm and called 911.

According to the news station, Melissa Record's mother said:

I'm just so proud of her because if it wasn't for her doing that, who knows what would have happened. But to me she's a hero

The other kids helped to keep the youngest, a 4 year old, calm while the paramedics help their mom.

Melissa ended up delivering a boy and a girl at the hospital.  And, while bother babies were under three pounds, all three (mom and two babies) are doing well.

This story should serve as a reminder that one of the important lessons you can teach your child is how to dial 911 in the event of an emergency.  Obviously, teach them that the number should only be called in a real emergency, but teaching them this important skill can help prevent a real tragedy.

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