Over the summer of 2022, Massachusetts-based Downeast Cider took adults from across New England back to their childhoods when they released their canned "blue slushie" drinks.

Tasting just like the blue raspberry slush puppies (or similar drinks) that we all enjoyed as kids, but with a 5% kick!  They flew off the shelves!

Well, just in time for warm weather to roll into Maine, they are back!  And, this year, Downeast Cider has stepped it up a notch.

For 2023, instead of just making the blue ones, they are also making a red version.  While we have not tried it yet, we have been told that the red flavor is like a red raspberry.

You can get the 12 once cans at several places, including Damon's Beverage on Bangor Street in Augusta.  Damon's also has them at the locations in Waterville (Jefferson Street), Skowhegan, and Bangor.

In addition to the Downeast Cider drinks, Damon's also has the hard version of Sunny Delight.

According to a CBS News article, Sunny Delight was created in 1963 (yes, it has been around for SIXTY YEARS) by a Florida dad who was looking for an alternative to orange juice.  Earlier this year, they announced that they, like many businesses, would be releasing a hard seltzer.

While they are stocked up, don't wait too long because they often sell out quickly!

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