Okay, I'm sure you've read the headline, if you haven't, how did you get here? Are you lost? Do you need help? This is a tale of how B 98.5 *may have* influenced the town of Farmington to fill some nasty potholes.

In case you missed it, yesterday on Buzz and Brittany in the Morning we discussed the following:

We had a bunch of folks comment this one area in Farmington and someone even called about it explaining that it messed up his car recently.

I knew I had to do something. I wasn't sure what, exactly. I'm no Ron Swanson with the infinite knowledge of how to fix such things, but I do have a platform. You know what they say, the squeaky pothole gets the filling! Or something like that.

So I grabbed Quinn Alexander, afternoon guy extraordinaire, and off we went.

We did end up finding this massive pothole. I should really say potholes. An entire section of the road was basically hole(s). Thanks to all the melting they were mostly filled with water making the severity and depth of the holes difficult to anticipate to non-Farmington locals like ourselves.

After driving up and down the road I wanted a closer look. Things didn't end quite so well for our friend, Quinn, however.

I'm happy to report that Quinn is dry today.

I uploaded the video this morning since Facebook decided to take yesterday off.

The video immediately was getting views and shares. Maine folk are pretty passionate about their potholes.

By the afternoon a friend of mine send me this photo:

Katie Jean via Facebook
Katie Jean via Facebook


Now look, there's no telling if WE directly influenced the repair. It could have been scheduled for days or weeks at that point.

BUT we also could have been 100% why the issue was finally addressed. I'm going to assume that. It makes me feel better about being semi-responsible for Quinn getting covered in mud.

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