OK...whats the deal?!?!  It's not even officially winter yet and I am tired all the time, I'm gaining weight, I'm irritable, I’m avoiding people and activities, I haven't worked out in like a month, I feel tense and stressed...what is going on???

I guess I've got the "Winter Blues"...AKA..."seasonal affective disorder"  ...AKA ..."seasonal depression" ...ugh, really? So, I can either simply complain about it, or try to do something to make it better.  A few things I've come across that "seem" to help others effected by this "condition"

1. Come To The Light.
Yes, more daylight please, even if it is artificial light, even as little as 30 mins a day can add to your overall feeling of well being. Make adjustments around your living or working space to allow more natural light to come in.

2. Eat With A Plan.
Believe it or not, foods, like chocolate, can elevate your mood and relieve some stress. Who knew?

3. Exercise.
Yes just exercise will help. But, if you can exercise under bright lights, that may help even more!

For more tips on coping with the winter blues, I've found helpguide.org to be a great resource with a ton of useful info.

Let's go summer.....light speed!

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