With the exception of a few months I spent in South Carolina, I have always lived in the northern part of the United States.  Ya' know, the part of the country where it snows.  I grew up in Houlton, went to college in Bangor, lived in Burlington (Vermont), worked in North Conway (New Hampshire), and spent eighteen months in Erie (Pennsylvania), before moving back to Maine.

Most Mainers (and people from New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, etc) have a corner of their closet dedicated to winter wear.  Unless we get really strange weather, most of that stuff just sits around from March through October, but between November and March it is worth every penny.  Typically, a person would have a winter coat, hat, gloves (or mittens), maybe scarves, and BOOTS.

That's what most people have...  Not me!

Sure, I have a couple of fleeces (that I can wear under a lighter jacket), a hat, and a  few pairs of gloves.

So, most of the important winter clothing items.  But, what's missing?

Oh yeah... BOOTS!

I have not owned a pair of legit winter boots in about 15 years.  Once I was out of the house, and did not have someone making smart decisions for me, I stopped investing in things like boots.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

What do I wear on my feet during the winter?  Sneakers or dress shoes.  Is it smart?  Nope!  I mean, it is fine as long as the roads, sidewalks, and walkways are plowed and shoveled.  And, as long as it is not too cold.  But, if the snow is deep or it gets super cold it is not fun.

Why don't I have boots?  Is it a money thing?  No, not really.  I could buy a pair of good boots if I wanted.  I just never take the time to go to the store to buy them.

That's about to change, though.  I spent quite a bit of time outside last Saturday.  I was fine while the sun was out, but after dark it got really cold really quick.  Honestly, I was certain that I got frost bite and was going to lose my toes.

Fortunately, once my toes warmed up I was okay.

But, after that, I decided that it was time to get myself a pair of winter boots!

So, the next time you see me I'll be wearing a real pair of boots!

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