Getty Images, photo by John Moore

The hunt for Bigfoot has taken a turn toward the latest technology -  drones. At Idaho State University, Jeffery Meldrum believes drones will be the edge needed to locate the ever-elusive Sasquatch. The project is called “The Falcon Project’, it's a 45-foot drone equipped with cameras, in hope of solving the mystery of Bigfoot.

The team doesn’t want to catch a Bigfoot, they want to fly over areas where they believe the creature is, collect physical evidence, identify it, implant a tracking device and follow its habits.

The Falcon is still in the planning stages because money has to be raised to get the project off the ground, but Sasquatch is one of the unsolved mysteries that people are enamored with and want to know once and for all if they are running around in the forests or one of the biggest myths in history.