Here in New England, we are blessed to have some great amusement parks and water parks like Funtown USA, Story Land, Santa's Village, and Canobie Lake Park, to name just a few.

Many people don't realize that one of the most-iconic amusement parks in New England has been in operation for over a century.

Located in Old Orchard Beach, Palace Playland first welcomed guests in 1902.  Back then, the park featured roller skating and a carousel.  The park also offered guests basic refreshments.

In the last 120 years, a lot has changed.  These days, the park has over a dozen rides including the SeaViper roller coaster, the Wipeout roller coaster, the Wave Swinger, the Drop Zone drop tower, a ferris wheel, and bumper cars.  In addition to the rides, the park has an enormous arcade and lots of food & beverage options.


The 2024 season

Even though there is still snow on the ground, many people are already planning their summer adventures.

That's why the team at Palace Playland have announced their 2024 opening dates.

According to the amusement park's website, the park will open for the season on Saturday, May 25.  That's the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  The park will be open weekends until mid-June,  Starting June 14, the park will be open daily through Labor Day.

One thing you should note is that, on most days, the rides do not open until mid-afternoon.  So, don't drive to OOB on a Wednesday morning and expect to be able to check out the amusement park.

If you really want to play video games, the arcade's season starts much earlier.  The arcade will be open for the season on Friday, April 12.  The hours for the arcade vary greatly.

Check out the Palace Playland calendar for a complete schedule.

Check out this recent tour of the park:

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