Every time we head to Boston for a game or show, it gets expensive. No, I'm not taking about parking (which is another entry altogether) or going over the Tobin Bridge. It's fair enough, I suppose, to wring $2 from the average car in Hampton, NH. Over the Piscataqua now, great. What's this? Another giant toll booth five miles into the state at York. Nothings says "Open For Business" like a $3 cover to enter club Vacationland. We're good now, right? Well, for a while, and well, we know how this story reads. Will this ever change? Weren't the tolls put in to pay for the Turnpike? Well, that was taken care of 35 years ago. Hmmmm.

Governor Paul LePage is proposing a bill to get rid of most of Maine's tolls, and the Maine Turnpike Authority. Imagine a straight cruise up 95 from York north. Will it happen? Not so fast, say critics. WGME 13 reported on the bill. 


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