Every year I own the fact I LOVE TV shows. So when September arrives I am excited to find the dates of my programs and when they will be back with new stuff.

Check out the dates for your favorites or what is new that looks good. BUT here is my list, the ones that are BOLD are my must watch shows, the others are shows I have watched and am on the fence...so this is there chance to lure me back in!

-Black-ish on Sept 24
-Survivor on Sept 25 
-Modern Family on Sept 25
-Grey's Anatomy on Sept 25
-Fresh Off The Boat on Sept 27
-The Crown on Nov 17

A couples of the shows I watch that are NOT (for what ever reason) on the TV Guide list...
-The Ranch on Sept 13
-Superstore on Sept 26th 

I cut the cable years ago. I still have internet to catch all of this but you can find just about ANYTHING you want to watch on other platforms. Here is a some info from TV Guide on streaming services.

So what shows are you looking forward to this fall?


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