I went out to my car to let it run on this cold morning and I noticed that my front driver side tire was almost completely flat. I just bought the front tires a month ago. I drive to a nearby gas station to put air in the tire, it did no good. What to do now?I have AAA and it was the first time that I was using it. The lady that answered took my information and said someone should be there within 45 minutes. John from AAA got there about 20 minutes after I called and he's a B-98.5 listener! I told him I would say hello on the beestro today.

John got the donut on right off the bat and showed me the screw that made my tire flat. At this point, I am only about 35 minutes from when I called AAA. I then called Town Fair Tire at the Marketplace at Augusta, where I bought my tires.

I had free flat repair and free tire replacement. I got there and another half hour later the original tire was fixed!

Getting a flat tire on a 5 degree morning isn't fun, but AAA and Town Fair Tire were both awesome!

Here's the video of the song I was hearing in my head with the way my Monday was going!

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