I'm no stranger to driving and keep my car fairly well maintained but I was aware I needed new tires. Its not uncommon for me to drive 150-200 miles per day and mechanical parts get warn out.

I've had my tires for a year now and they've served me well but my car was shaking more than a dancing hula doll on the dash and yesterday, while heading up to work, my tire pressure light came on.

I pulled off the road in Topsham and headed to Town Fair Tire. My youngest son worked in the South Portland locations for many years and I would bring them snacks and drinks and ice cream on hot days.  Now I believe in Karma, but those acts I did were purely out of kindness with no thought of reward so when I walked into this store and the guy behind the counter said "Hey! Aren't you Tom's Mom?"

I said yes and was treated so wonderfully. Mike explained to me why I needed more than just two new tires and made sure I was comfortable while the guys put on my fresh new tires.  Big thanks to Cooper for filling in for this Road Warrior yesterday.


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