According to a Facebook post made by the Pittston Fairgrounds, it's time for their annual Mud Festival. Saturday, June 12th is the day, and just like every year, the Pittston Fair Mud Festival will take place at Pittston Fairgrounds 995 E Pittston Rd in Pittston.

Those wishing to compete in the Mud Festival can register anytime between 8:30 am and 10:30 am, and each event fee is $10. Spectator fees will be as follows, 13 years old and up is $20, ages 5 to 12 is $10, and kids 5 and under are free. If you'd like to make a weekend out of it, you can camp on-site for an additional $20.


Also, there will be a new addition to Pittston Fair's Mud Festival, and it's all about trucks, trucks, trucks, and more trucks. That's right; Truck Meets 207 will be hosting a truck show during the mud festival this year. Registration starts at 9 am and go until 11:30 under the red canopy for those wishing to participate. So be sure to look for the red tent!

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