It was cool for a while, cutesy, and yeah, I've been completely guilty. Somewhere along the line, we've removed the "a", and shortened nearly every patriotic thought/pic to simply "'merica," or worse "'murica." It's gotten entirely out of hand.

Blame Joe Dirt, Kid Rock, or the hashtag that made it socially acceptable to show patriotism while seemingly mocking it at the same time. Like most things that become "a thing", it gets overused, and starts to lose the shine. I came to this conclusion last year, and gradually faded it out of use. Over the Fourth of July holiday, it was everywhere. Hell, even Instagram had the option to stick it on your story.

This isn't to say the term doesn't have its place. Sure, if you're blowing stuff up, or playing the part, have at it, and keep it in good fun. However, before it goes any further, the line needs to be drawn. The people who have, and continue to defend your freedom deserve better. 'Merica, 'Murica, and it's condescending tone have no place in showing true patriotism. Be proud, be an American, and put the "A" back into 'Merica.

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