For many people, Memorial Day is when they first fire up the grill and start inviting people over for burgers, steaks, chicken, and red snappers.

Of course, some of us have been using our grill all winter long, but that's another story.  Others skip the red or white meat in favor of the seafood.

If you love cooking up the lobster, we've got some good news.  It looks like, just in time for the summer season, the price of lobster is coming down!

According to WMTW, just as the we enter the prime season for lobster and other seafood, we are starting the see the prices of the inconic crusteacean start to come down.

Like nearly everything else, the price of lobster spiked sharply over the last year and a half.  Last summer, the price was up about 60%!

Many stores are selling lobsters for a few dollars less than they have the last few years.

What is kind of surprising is the fact that the price at the dock is dropping despite the fact that lobstermen are spending more on fuel and bait these days.

Will the prices continue to drop?  We'll have to wait and see.  Regardless, have a great long weekend and take a few minutes to remember the real reason for the Memorial Day holiday.

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