Earlier this week, K9s aided wardens in the search and rescue of several groups of Mainers.

According to News Center Maine, on Wednesday night, wardens got a call about a missing hunter.  66 year old Jude Bradley, of Porter, went hunting at around 3 PM, but failed to return.  His family had located his vehicle at Ten Mile Brook in Porter.  After his vehicle was found, two of his relatives entered the woods in an effort to find him.  They also became lost.

After an attempt to signal Bradley with rifle shots failed, Game Warden Corporal Lucas Bellanceau and K9 Breezy began an air scent search of the wooded area.  After a few hours, Breezy caught scent of the missing people and lead wardens to the group.  Breezy found the missing people at around 10:30 PM.  Other than being cold and tired, the three were in good health.  It appears the two relatives found Bradley shortly after entering the woods, but they were unable to find their way out.

Also on Wednesday evening, 33 year old Lisa Morelli and 34 year old Erik Jackson were hiking the trails near Perch Pond in Old Town.  In the darkness, and lacking a flashlight, they became disoriented and wandered off the trail.  Before her phone died, Morelli was able to call her parents to let them know she was lost.  They alerted the authorities.  Wardens and a K9 were able to locate them less than a mile into the woods.

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