Last week Crystal Lacasse from Lacasse Phlebotomy Services came into the studio during the morning show and drew our blood to see if Buzz or I have COVID-19 antibodies. It didn't take long at all, maybe 2-3 minutes each, and was just as simple as donating blood. Speaking of donating blood, the need for blood donors is at an all-time high right now. Unfortunately, this is due to the coronavirus quarantine and donors feeling it is unsafe, but I'd like to tell you it's probably safer. So, please, if you can, get out and DONATE.

Early Spring of this year, the Coronavirus quickly spread across the world and didn't discriminate on who it chose to attack. I got sick, super sick, so ill that I ended up in the hospital in the second week of March. Panic set in when the doctors came in fully dressed ready to administer my COVID-19 test. Thankfully though, that test did come back negative, but I did remain curious over the past few months if it was a false negative.

So, when Crystal set up the COVID-19 antibodies event, I knew I wanted to get the antibodies test. Did I need it for a piece of mind? I think so, anything to get that piece of mind. However, the number one reason I wanted the test done was to find out if I had antibodies that may help someone else.

I would have loved to help someone else struggling with the Coronavirus by sharing my antibodies. I can happily say my COVID-19 antibodies test came back NEGATIVE. Thanks again, Crystal, from Lacasse Phlepotemy Services for coming in and testing us!

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