We don't usually get wild in our house on a weeknight, especially a Wednesday night. It's the middle of the week, and usually, by the time we've hit mid-week, I'm just chugging along to reach the finish line—nothing more, nothing less.

This Wednesday was different, though, because sometimes you just need to let loose and know that there is always an exception to the rule. Last night was the exception, and we got WILD. After making grilled cheese, dairy-free garlic bread, and tomato soup for dinner, it was then time to make dessert.

As I made a yummy dessert for my sweet family, a delicious banana shortcake like a treat, I could hear their footsteps rapidly approaching behind me. Now being scavengers they are, as soon as they heard the hiss of the whipped cream can, they started lining up for their turn at a shot of whipped cream straight to the mouth.

It always starts with "just one small taste, please,".. and then things get WILDY out of control, and the next thing you know, the WHOLE can of whipped cream is gone... If you're wondering if we had a whipped cream fight and that's how the can ended up empty so quickly, I'm here to tell you we would never do such a thing as waste treasured whipped cream.


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