When I started this new career, I never imagined that people would get excited to meet me. I'm just a small-town girl born and raised here in Central Maine, and as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing over the top special about me.

Since starting my radio journey, I have only been asked for my autograph once, which was at my first event. Well, I should say, it was only once. That was until this weekend, and this time it was a whole new type of autograph.

Saturday evening, I spent the night out with a group of friends, just letting loose and having a good time. Now you might think this is a regular thing I've done most of my life, but that's far from the truth. I became a mom at a very young age and because of that, going out is something I haven't really done much of in my adult life.

While enjoying our night out, I got the chance to meet one of our listeners, and I've got to say she was just the sweetest thing. I'm going to leave her name anonymous out of respect for her. We spent a few minutes chatting and giggling when the said listener connected the dots and figured out who I was. That was when she informed me that I'm one of her favorite radio personalities.

Here's where the conversation changed...

This girl I just met a few moments before asked me to sign her BOOBS... Did I do it? HECK YES, I DID! I didn't hesitate or even skip a beat... My only response was, "who has a sharpie that I can use?".

So, I pretty much don't know how I got to this level of fame, you know the level where you're signing boobs and meeting people that adore you as much as you do them, but I'm not mad about it! If you ever see (or hear me) out and about, please remember, make sure you say "Hi," meeting our listeners is seriously one of my favorite things.

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