Who would lease a dog?   Often, it is people that don't realize they are doing it!

Apparently, it is possible and legal to lease a puppy (just like you would a car or an apartment).  According to Bloomberg, a company called Wags Lending leases dogs (and hearing aids and custom vehicle rims????).

And, not a surprise, some people unknowingly agree to the lease.

It appears this happens most often when people, often dealing with children anxious to get their new pet home, fail to read the fine print on the sales documents.  Sometimes they don't realize what they have done until the final bill comes in the mail (or is charged to their credit card).

At the end of the lease, just like with a car, you have the option to purchase Spot or return him to the store.  Although, after becoming attached to a pet you have had for several years, I'm pretty sure no one would do this.

What do you think?  Would you ever do this?

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Personally, I'd never lease a pet.  If you want a kitty or puppy, shelter rates are usually VERY reasonable.


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