Ms. Pollack teaches 2nd grade at Acadia Academy in Lewiston. She has come up with a way to connect with students on a level they feel comfortable each and every morning

Before entering the classroom the students get in line and prepare for their morning greeting of choice. On the wall next to the door is twelve different options that the child can do with their teacher. The options range from a hug or a handshake to doing the floss or getting a high five. Check out the video below!

In an interview with News Center Maine Ms. Pollack said that she got the idea online and just a week into the school year has found that the pick-your-own greeting interactions builds a sense of community in her classroom. In addition to these greetings being a fun way to start the day, experts say that this is a way for kids to help understand and regulate their emotions.

Shout-out to Ms. Pollack! She's proof positive that a small act can make a difference and that starting the day on a fun positive note makes the school day better for everyone.

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