Ever deal with frizz? I swear frizz has been my middle name since I came out of the womb. I've been on my "curly journey" as they say half-heartedly for 6-7 years and more serious in the last few months. What does that mean? Following the "Curly Girl Method". I could write a full page about what I know about it and probably even more pages about what I have yet to learn. Essentially, the rules are no heat, no parabens, and no sulfates.

I've been working hard on finding a routine that works for my abundant but thin locks trying to encourage them to hold shape and volume. In my research, I discovered personal lubricant, yes THAT lubricant, is a great dupe for various curl serums to help fight frizz without weighing down the curls.

I'll try anything once so into my Amazon Cart it went. Watch the video below to see my results!

Who knew I'd one day be adding lube to my daily beauty routine?

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