This morning after our Morning show was over, Buzz and I, along with Matt James, from 92 Moose had some of the tastiest treats and coffee dropped off from Lilac Catering, and talk about scrumptious.

It's been years ago since the owners of Lilac Catering, Kim and Clark Phinney, had a café in Winthrop. As their catering business snowballed, they made the tough decision to close their café, which was located on Main Street.

After running a successful catering and bar service business for years, they decided to add to their busy schedules with a new Cafe, Lilac On The River to Front St in Augusta. This new Cafe is located at the end of the Rail Trail (Augusta side) and makes for the perfect and surly sweet reward!

Do you love to eat sweet and delightful Treats? ... 

That was a stupid question; who doesn't? But, If you do, check out Lilac On The River for the '"sweetest" new place (pun intended) in town!

What will Lilac On The River offers?

Lilac On The River is a Parisian-inspired cafe' with so much to offer, both sweet and savory. We're talking Crepes with toppings only you can dream about, Gourmet Popcorn, Coffee, Ice Cream, and other treats.

Where are they located, and when do they open?

Located on Front Street in Augusta, you can find Lilac On The River right along the Kennebec. Lilac On The River is a seasonal adventure, but they are hoping to stay open for as long as possible.

Check out some of the delectable treats below!

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