Locally run corner stores and convenience stores have always been a staple of small town life in Maine.

Generally located along one of the town's main roads, these stores typically offer convenience items, a small grocery selection, beer, soda, and deli foods (like pizza and subs).  Some even have gas pumps.  Stores like these provide people who don't want to travel "into town" a place to get the basics.

This is true of the East Vassalboro Corner Store.  The businesses, which sits on the corner of Route 32 and Bog Road, had been an important part of the community for decades.  It first opened in 1949!

According to an article on the Town Line website, Tim and Heather Dutton are hoping to reopen the old East Vassalboro Corner Store.  Their plan would be to start by selling pizza and sandwiches.  If all goes well, they would expand their offerings from there.

During a January 3rd meeting, people were able to weigh in on the proposal to reopen the store.  Everyone who spoke at the meeting was all about reopening the store.

However, it looks as though there are a few issues that they need to overcome first.  It appears that the primary issue is with where the building is located in relation to the roads.  The article explains that the building that houses the store is so close to Route 32 (also known as Main Street) on its east and Bog Road on its south that room for safe parking is extremely limited.  This had, apparently, been an issue for the previous operators of the store.

The other big concern is whether or not it would be possible to make either of the store's entrances ADA compliant.  Because of the length of time the store operated, it was "grandfathered" and did not need to update the entrances when ADA regulations changed.

According to the Town Line article, there will be a special meeting to discuss the store  held at 6:30 on Tuesday, January. 17th.  At that time, they would take public comment on the proposed ordinance.  HOWEVER, several people have said that the meeting will not be held until sometime in February.  For the latest on the town meetings and agendas, please reach out to the Vassalboro Town Office.  You can call them at 207.872.2826

We wish the Dutton's the best in their project.

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