Everyone's method for finding love is different.  These days, many people hop online.  If they are looking for a fling, they may try out Tinder or Plenty of Fish.  Looking for a serious relationship?  There's eHarmony or Match.  Some people rely on friends or coworkers to introduce them to potential matches.  And, some people still try to meet people at bars or clubs.

Regardless of how you go looking for love, you still need to have a pool of single people to pull from.  Clearly, some towns and cities are better for this than others.

Here in Maine, we think of the state's bigger (more populated) towns and cities as being better places to find a match.  However, this is not always the case.

According to an article in Home Snacks, some of the better places to find singles in Maine are some of the state's smaller communities.

Abdu27 / Unsplash
Abdu27 / Unsplash

As of early 2023, these are the Maine towns and cities with the most single people.

The Best Maine Towns & Cities For Singles

Single and looking for love? Here are the best places in Maine to find singles, according to Home Snacks

For most of us it was not much of a surprise that the state's largest town was the number one place to find singles.

We were surprised, and happy, to see that some of the smaller towns in the state were so high up on the list.  Particularly, the tiny town of Hallowell.  Pardon me, it is technically a city.  As of 2020, the town had just under 2,600 people living in it.  Of course, it is important to remember that

In your experience, what are the best places in Maine for singles?  The worst?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app!

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