Hearing this story takes me back a few years.  Specifically, it takes me back to 2018.  Remember when, during the summer and fall of 2018, we were constantly losing power thanks to squirrels climbing on the power lines?  Here in Augusta, we lost power numerous times between July and late-September.

Well, that is exactly what happened earlier today in southern Maine.

According to WGME, representatives from Central Maine Power are blaming a squirrel for knocking out power to 7,000 customers.  Apparently, the squirrel managed to get into a Portland-area substation.

The loss of power caused the cancellation of classes at several area schools.

As we know from the summer and fall of 2018, a squirrel knocking out power is not a rare occurrence.  In fact, CMP reps say about 20% of power outages are caused by squirrels.

You could be asking yourself why the squirrel was not hibernating.  Well, according to Science Mag, most squirrels do not hibernate.  Instead, the pack their nests full of food in the fall and just lay low over the winter.

Let's just hope this incident is not a sneak peek of the coming summer.

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